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Upload your Favorite Video to get Shipment Discount


Channel :

Hidup Di Jepang

Upload 1 or 2 Videos =  500 Yen Shipment Discount

Upload     3    Videos = 1000 Yen Shipment Discount

(at least one Videos with your speech through out the video)



Your video will appear on YouTube Channel "Hidup Di Jepang". Target audience are Indonesia people who interesting in Japan. it help them to understand Japan from different views.   


The video contents is not limited by style and category. Basically Every thing you took in Japan. Because it will be published, so there are several rule your video have to follow. please see detail by click Bellow .


  1. Choose the best video in your smart phone or in your PC.

  2. Upload them on We- transfer web service.

  3. Copy the download Link, past  it into application form.

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Please spend few minters to fill following form. 

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Upload your Videos from PC file or phone's photo gallery

(Through above green bottom, you will get a link, after you upload videos)

See what others have updated in this channel. Please do subscribe the channel to find how is your video performance. 


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The Channel <Hidup Di Jepang> is all about Japan which is from Indonesia people's angle of view.

It brings real pictures of daily life in Japan, of cause many exciting things as well as sad emotions.

Let's together to show a true Japan in a broad way ever.

We welcome every one leave comments under the videos which you want ask or talk about it.

we believes It will be the wonderful on-line community for all Indonesia people who loves Japan.

Moving forward successfully is based on better understanding. Channel <Hidup Di Jepang> makes possible, please subscribe.


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What kinds of videos we suggest to upload?

The video contents is unlimited, but we still suggest you to upload video which Introduce Your Life in Japan, for example

  • What kinds of room you are living.

  • How do you shopping and make food.

  • What is your work, and how is the working environment

  • How is your city looks like, any famous place worth to visit?

  • How you spend your free time? any thing worth to do there.

  • How you feel Japanese, what is the Local tradition you have impressed.

  • What do you learned most important things in Japan.

  • Any Japanese business chance may also success in Indonesia.

  • What is the best Shopping Items you could suggest?

  • What is the most hard experience you have met?

  • Introduce 4 seasons of Japan: Sakura-Spring, Hot- summer, Gold-Autumn, White snow -Winter.

  • Your favorite Japanese Food, Restaurant, street food, snacks

  • Your favorite travel video record, as well as great event.

  • Introduce some of your hobbies (Figure collection, RC race car, Plastic Model Gundam, Mini train, Toys, Gadgets, Musical instruments, Electronics etc. ) 

  • Some Japanese language skills in real world of Japan. 

  • Some mistakes likely to happen in Japan Life, as well as some solution for them

  •  Any thing which you want to tell other Indonesia people, it can make them understand Japan Better.

All video can not contain following contents:

  • Sexuality image or behavior

  • violent behavior or speech

Basic requests:

  • Size 10MB-2GB

Any videos you provide, it could help more people understand Japan, your experience is great value for helping others. 


Guidance of how to upload a Videos

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